Alice Wake


Alice Wake is the wife of Alan Wake. She is a well-known and accomplished photographer.

She designs the book covers and promotional photoshoots for Alan. Alice suffers from nyctophobia phobia, which makes her keep all the lights on. Her disappearance is the main plot point of the game and a driving factor for Alan.


Alice is a well-trained photographer and the wife of Alan. It is unknown how she met Alan or when the two were married. The two had a very turbulent marriage in some ways, seeing as Alan sometimes suffers from depression or writer’s block. Alice also has a fear of darkness, otherwise known as nyctophobia. According to Alan, she feels that night is, in a way, something awful and something that you could “feel or touch.” When it is dark, she usually stays entirely still in horror until the lights come back on.

After writing a new book, Alan started to suffer from writer’s block. It caused Alan to be under a lot of stress. Alan got into many arguments with Alice, and the two began to have problems with their marriage. Alan started to lose his temper and began battling substance abuse, which caused their marriage to become more and more turbulent. Eventually, Alan began to suffer from insomnia.

One day, Alan came home after a party drunk and upset. The two had a short argument, which ended with Alan apologizing and asking her if she would like to go on vacation. She agreed, so the couple decided to take on a quiet getaway to Bright Falls two years later.

Alan… thank you for coming here with me.

Alice, Episode 1: Nightmare

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