Departure (manuscript)


As Alan Wake explores Bright Falls, he will discover pages to the manuscript of a novel entitled “Departure.”

Read these pages closely, and you will find that they paint a picture of the growing chaos across town and sometimes reveal events before they occur. As you collect the pages, they will be in your inventory.

Departure was Alan Wake’s next book, but he could not come to write it because of his writer’s block. However, in Nightmare, he finds pages of the book entitled “Departure,” with the author being him, except he does not remember writing it.

The manuscript pages can be found all around Bright Falls, with more unlocked in Nightmare Difficulty. They appear in the wrong order, some regarding his previous experiences and some about what is yet to come. Some of which is what is happening to him at that moment.

The sequel to Departure is called “Return.”

Episode 1: Nightmare

  • Wake Attacked by a Shadowy Murderer
  • Wake Fights a Taken with Light
  • The Dark Presence Wakes Up (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Wake Attacked by Birds
  • Wake Finds Pages
  • TV in the Gas Station
  • Wake Lies to the Sheriff
  • Stucky Taken
  • Rose Daydreams About Wake
  • Barry’s Arrival
  • Toby the Dog (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Rose is a Fan (Nightmare Mode Only)

Episode 2: Taken

  • The Sudden Stop 1
  • The Sudden Stop 2
  • The Dark Presence in the Diner
  • Wake at Lovers’ Peak
  • Alice Sees a Shadow
  • Barry Doubts Wake’s Sanity
  • Rusty Dying
  • Rusty Attacked by the Dark Presence
  • Wake Reaches a Safe Haven of Light
  • Rusty’s Final Thoughts
  • Wake Sees the Torch Symbol
  • Nightingale’s Arrival
  • Alice’s Fear of the Dark
  • Wake Hears a Chainsaw
  • Barry in Elderwood
  • Nightingale Fires at Wake
  • Wake at the Dark Presence’s Mercy (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Rose and Rusty
  • Barry Meets Rose
  • Sarah Thinks About Wake
  • Deputies at the Logging Site
  • Wake Feels the Dark Presence
  • Wake’s Despair

Episode 3: Ransom

  • Randolph Calls the Police
  • The Dark Presence Sleeps
  • Nightingale in the Radio Station
  • Sarah Distrusts Nightingale
  • Wake Attacked by a Possessed Object
  • Wake and the Dark Presence in the Lodge
  • Wake Attacked by the Dark Presence
  • Rose Visited by the Dark Presence
  • Rose Touched by the Dark Presence
  • Walter Fights Danny
  • Wake Attacked by a Bulldozer
  • Wake and Night Springs (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Sarah in the Radio Station
  • Thomas Zane in Love with Barbara Jagger
  • Wake Touched by the Dark Presence
  • Wake and Barry in the Cell
  • Wake and Casey
  • Nightingale in the Majestic
  • Mott at Cauldron Lake
  • Wake Wakes Up in the Lodge
  • Mott on the Ferry
  • Hunters Taken
  • Doc Examines Barry and Rose (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Wake Reads a Page (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Tor Hits Nurse Sinclair

Episode 4: The Truth

  • Thomas Zane’s Writing and Assistant
  • Barry in the Lodge
  • Hartman Watches Wake Fall
  • Hartman’s Mission
  • Wake Sees the Old Gods Stage
  • Barry Attacked by a Taken
  • Mott in Charge
  • Mott Fails Hartman
  • Hartman and the Power Failure
  • Hartman Sedates Wake
  • Nightingale Arrests Wake
  • The Patients Escape the Lodge
  • The Dark Presence at Large
  • The Anderson Brothers in the 70s
  • The Mystery of the Missing Week
  • Walter at the Anderson Farm
  • Hartman During the Missing Week (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Hartman Considers Mott and Wake
  • Mulligan Questions Nightingale’s Orders
  • Nightingale Finds the Manuscript

Episode 5: The Clicker

  • Nightingale Reads the Manuscript
  • Nightingale Attacked by the Dark Presence
  • The Dark Presence Set Back
  • Cynthia’s Work
  • The Dark Presence Hunts Wake
  • Alice Trapped in the Dark
  • Barry in the Sheriff’s Station
  • Barry in the General Store
  • Wake’s Plan
  • The Falling Helicopter
  • Zane’s Shoebox
  • Cynthia on Her Way to the Dam
  • The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 4 (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Children of the Elder God Lyrics 1 (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Children of the Elder God Lyrics 2 (Nightmare Mode Only)

Episode 6: Departure

  • The Dark Presence Wants to Stop Wake
  • The Trail of the Dark Presence
  • Thomas Zane’s Last Dive
  • The Dark Place
  • The Way through the Dark Place
  • The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 1 (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 2 (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 3 (Nightmare Mode Only)
  • Sarah and Barry in the Well-Lit Room
  • Zane’s Poem (Nightmare Mode Only)

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